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  • 30-Day Job Ad Campaign with Passive Candidate Targeting
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  • Contact RealMatch for bulk resume opening pricing
Posting - Posting your jobs across TheJobNetwork is always free. Your job will be syndicated to over 1000 powered by sites in TheJobNetwork as well as posted on thousands of 3rd party job boards reaching over 37 million candidates. Unlike other job boards, your job will also be matched with passive candidates from our vast database too. This means your job reaches active and passive candidates in one simple process.

Reviewing candidates - Once your job is posted you will be able to view the resume summaries of all applicants and matching candidates. Resume summaries include a list of candidate skills, education, experience and answers to any qualifying questions. By reviewing the number and quality of applicants and matches, you’ll have a very good idea about how we performed for you.

The decision to buy - Once you see that we can deliver the quality and quantity of candidates you’re looking for, simply purchase a Resume Viewing Package which unlocks all the resumes associated with your job. Bulk pricing is available for employers with larger hiring needs. Finally, a transparent and risk free way to shop for talent!

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